Introducing: Rajani Shrestha, Elexon Electronics’ new Manufacturing Engineer



Elexon Electronics is thrilled to introduce Rajani Shrestha, our latest addition to the engineering team! From Nepal, Rajani has pursued her passion for electronics from an early age, inspired by her father’s guidance. With an impressive educational background that includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and seven years of experience in manufacturing, Rajani is exceptionally well-prepared for her new role with us. 


A Journey Through Manufacturing

Rajani embarked on her career in the manufacturing sector in 2012, focusing on efficient manufacturing practices and quality management systems. She gained invaluable experience in a few well-respected contract manufacturers such as GPC Electronics, where she played a crucial role in Surface Mount Technology (SMT), ensuring the highest quality from the initial stages of product development to delivery. 


Elexon 2.0 – Electronics Production Innovation 

Now at Elexon Electronics, Rajani is excited about the innovative technologies we’re incorporating into our production processes. “Introducing the jet printer and SPI machine at Elexon represents a significant leap forward,” says Rajani. “The SPI (Solder Paste Inspection system) is particularly transformative, enabling us to detect issues early and refine our processes right from the start.” 


Rajani is also enthusiastic about our recent acquisitions, including the 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system and the 3D CT X-ray machine. “These tools enhance our ability to deliver precision and quality in ways we’ve never achieved before,” she adds. “The 3D AOI system, with its detailed inspection capabilities, is crucial for maintaining the high-quality standards our customers expect.” 


These technological upgrades are expected to bring about substantial improvements in Elexon’s efficiency and product quality. “With the new pick-and-place machine and the 3D AOI system, we’re looking at a significantly more efficient product development cycle, reducing bottlenecks and improving our output,” Rajani notes. 



Strategic Improvements 

Upon joining, Rajani identified immediate areas for improvement and has begun implementing strategies to address them. “Creating clear guidelines for our operators has been a priority to reduce downtime and improve productivity,” she explains. 

In her role, Rajani aims to foster collaboration and make the most of the new technologies to elevate our product quality. “Integrating our expertise with these advanced tools opens up incredible opportunities. I’m excited to contribute to a team that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic manufacturing.” 


Rajani’s Inspirations 

When asked about her personal superheroes, Rajani doesn’t hesitate to name her father as her greatest inspiration. “My father is my superhero,” she declares. “He taught me the value of education, guided me with my career choice and always supported me.  




Looking Forward 

As Rajani looks to the future with Elexon Electronics 2.0, she is motivated by the impact these technological advancements can have.




” I’m excited about the journey ahead and the positive changes we can bring with the products we bring to life here at Elexon.” 


Rajani’s arrival at Elexon Electronics and the introduction of our new cutting-edge manufacturing technologies signify an exciting new chapter in our pursuit for excellence.  


Welcome to the team, Rajani! We’re excited to see where we go with your expertise and these game-changing technologies.