Our IF4 Equipment

The team at Elexon Electronics are very proud to present our new line of IF4 machinery. With this new equipment our impeccable service record will reach new levels of excellence by delivering unprecedented results for our customers. Learn more about each machine and their incredible manufacturing capabilities below.

Mycronic SMD Tower 6150-7

Intelligent Material Handling

Our new Mycronic SMD Tower 6150-7 is an automated, highly flexible and expandable buffer storage unit designed for deployment near the production line. In the SMD Tower, the right component is in the right place in a controlled environment – ready for quick and smooth changeovers in the SMT line. It even allows us to store our most frequently used components with an Agilis feeder attached.

No more mix-ups

Regardless of whether you need a single reel or tray, or need to automatically process a complete kitting list, the system records every movement. It keeps track of all stored reels and component quantities automatically. A unique identification code ensures that the right component is always provided or stored, making mix-ups almost impossible. Return-to-storage is just as quick and convenient.

Compact near-production storage

The SMD Tower closes a gap in flexible SMD manufacturing, where up until now reels had to be physically found and retrieved, one at a time, from space-consuming and inflexible storage systems. The SMD Tower needs barely one square meter of floor space to store up to 658 reels, and it can be integrated into existing material handling systems.

  • Humidity controlled SMD storage tower
  • Each tower has a storage capacity of up to 980 x 7”, 8mm reels
  • Customized configuration to hold 13”-15” reels as well as JEDEC trays and stick feeders
  • Each reels holds a unique carrier ID for component traceability

Mycronic Jet Printer MY 700

Next Generation Jetting

Denser boards, a wider range of miniaturised components, more NPIs and erratic production schedules means the future of SMT production is more and more complex. For this reason, as these high-mix challenges become mainstream, productivity and throughput can suffer. With the MY700 machine, Elexon are backed by decades of experience in solving these challenges with the industry’s fastest, most flexible and most precise jet printing and dispensing systems.

Better Quality

Faster Changeovers

Compact Footprint

  • No more stencils required
  • Dual head system with 1 million dots per hour
  • Smallest dot size 0.2mm

Mycronic Pick and Place MY300 LX-11

Intelligent Production

With the MY300 we get more jobs done in less space; effortlessly switch from full volume to batch size one; handle a wider range of components with uncompromising production quality, total stock accuracy and complete traceability (down to individual PCB serial number.) With this machine Elexon can deliver new levels of precision and flexibility in a faster, smaller and smarter format.

Agilis Feeder Technology

Precise Material Handling

Strong Software Suite

  • Line capacity of 320 x 8mm feeders
  • Smart Agilis feeders for fast change overs
  • Capability to place lose components or from strips for prototyping runs
  • PCB ID for product and component traceability
  • Inbuilt Electrical verifier to measure component values prior to placement

Asscon VP 7000 Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

Vacuum System for Mass Production

The Vacuum Inline Soldering System demonstrates highest soldering quality at mass-production. Especially at the lead-free soldering application, the vacuum treatment right after the melting process allows void-free soldered joints.

With the ASSCON Vapor Phase Soldering Technology with vacuum treatment, the quality of solderings reaches a point never before possible. Void-free soldering is particularly useful for soldering joints with large surfaces and energy transfer. The system is made for integration in mass-production lines with the added bonus of operational safety and very low energy consumption.

Asscon VP 7000

60% Less Energy Consumption

<1% Voids after Multi Vacuum Treatment

  • Inline vapor phase reflow soldering
  • Easy and efficient soldering of assemblies with different thermal requirements
  • Automatic control and monitoring of each soldering via Dynamic Profiling

X-Ray Inspection SEC 5100F


  • SMT
  • PCB
  • PKG
  • LED
  • Electronics
  • Battery

Non-destructive analysis of semiconductor, SMT, and electron/electric components

Inspection S/W is able to be installed for mass production of SMT and electron/electric components

Various convenient functions – Ease of use

  • 1.6 Mega Pixels Flat panel x-ray technology for distortion free and a high quality pictures
  • Focal spot size 5 micrometer
  • BGA inspection SW

Mycronic, MYC50 Conformal Coating

The Mycronic MYC50 allows the automation of high-performance conformal coating, for complex PCB’s. This offers both precision and output benefits, with complete traceability. Without compromising durability, the MYC50 minimises waste through precise control of coating film thickness and coated area.

SPEA, 4060 S2 Flying Probe Tester

The SPEA 4060 S2 offers the best of both worlds; dual-side flying probing, as well as the option to use fixed probes, bed-of-nails, and more. Significant time savings and increased test coverage are offered, thanks to four top-side heads and two bottom-side heads that perform testing on both board sides in unison.

Inertec, CUBE.460 Selective Soldering

The Inertec CUBE.460 allows Elexon to move from manual through-hole to precise machine automated selective soldering; reducing manufacturing costs and lead time.

Not only is manual labour removed from the soldering process, reducing time and eliminating human error, the CUBE.460 allows Elexon to solder TH components on SMD boards faster than ever before.

MBTech, NC25E PCB Cleaning and Cleanliness Testing

The MBtech NC25E PCB Cleaner offers the latest in PCB cleaning capabilities, meeting J-STD-001 quality PCB cleaning standards.

A patented filtration system provides precise and efficient cleaning of PCB’s after reflow, and the use of an aqueous solution makes it possible to separate residues, ensuring a 100% closed-loop cleaning process to meet environmental demands.

JTU, MAG-3 Laser Marker

The JTU MAG-3 laser marker allows Elexon Electronics to automate the barcoding process; saving time, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring maximum efficiency throughout the production process.

Koh Young Zenith 2, 3D AOI

The Zenith2 is one of the most advanced true 3D AOI machines, combining advanced vision algorithms and high resolution 3D optics. A major benefit of the Zenith2 is simplicity of use with AI-driven programming, offering up to a 70% reduction in programming time.

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