Advanced manufacturing since 2006.

Elexon Electronics is a Brisbane-based innovation company that specialises in the design, development and manufacture of a diverse range of electronic products for niche local and export markets. These include high-tech electronic products for our own niche markets as well as for external Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

We empower our talented team of engineers and designers to imaginatively and passionately develop great products.

We have developed a range of highly innovative and commercially successful products and look forward to working with you to push the boundaries in product development.

Our customers want to focus their expertise on what they are best at, and trust us to take care of their electronics. We have a track record in choosing the right solution to solve our customer’s problem within the required budget.

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Our Markets

  • IOT

  • Defence

  • Medical

  • Aerospace

  • Smart Battery Solutions

  • Automotive

  • Mining Industry

  • Renewable Energy

Why us?

We’ve got the tools

Elexon has a policy of reinvesting in the company wherever possible. Acquiring excellent business tools amplifies the performance of staff and work is more enjoyable while being more productive.

Certified Experience

Elexon Electronics was formed in 2006 when it purchased the expertise of electronics company IEDEC Pty Ltd.  Most of the key staff joined Elexon Electronics from IEDEC Pty Ltd bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and an experienced team of specialists in the electronics industry.

Great employees

Elexon’s management focuses on strong leadership. Staff are more engaged when provided with consistent, positive and visionary leadership. Elexon actively trains employees. This builds employee engagement and satisfaction individually and in teams, because our people want to learn. It also increases our capabilities.

Our Business Processes

Elexon Electronics has a strong focus on continually improving processes. Process improvement is engrained into the company by being consistently and pragmatically applied by management, and by being a key part of the recruitment, induction and training approach.

Fantastic Suppliers

Elexon actively builds strong relationships with its suppliers.  Supplier representatives are actively encouraged to visit and are involved in discussing technical problems.  Regular communications with suppliers are often a catalyst for different and/or new thinking.


At Elexon we have a deeply embedded companywide culture of dedication, collaboration, innovation, and integrity. Our team is dedicated to continuously developing and improving our manufacturing methods to ensure the highest-quality end products for our customers.

Featured Work

Mining & Civil Engineering Industries

Elexon Mining is the world leader in developing products and systems that track ore flow and recovery in cave mines. This technology aims to minimise safety and economic risks inherent in mining operations through the delivery of accurate data. This data empowers mining companies to make well-founded decisions to improve safety, efficiency and resource conversion.

Electro Chemical Testing Equipment

A specialist manufacturer and distributor of quality analytical instruments used to test and analyse water.

TPS specialises in multiparameter water testing equipment. Our instruments range from basic handheld units, through to process control modules and precise laboratory equipment.

Wayo - Mobile Digital Signage

Mobile Digital Signage

WAYO is mobile digital signage that runs cable free from a built-in rechargeable battery. Engage and inform customers and audiences using text, image and video content displayed on WAYO’s 39-inch high definition colour screen.

WAYO offers content management control & flexibility with the ability to change content in real time either on location or remotely.

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