We have recently significantly increased our design, prototyping and manufacturing capability by transforming our production into an Industry 4.0 electronics manufacturing facility. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested in house, ensuring Elexon has ultimate control of custom builds, quality and lead times, while maintaining a confidential and hands-on approach.

The leading difference for Elexon, is its ability to design, engineer, prototype, test and manufacture complex electronics in-house, from high-precision custom PCB boards assembly to software and final assembly.

Today, Elexon is a trusted supplier of electronics for world-class companies such as Rio Tinto, Newcrest, Volvo, Aurizon, Aim Lab, Agilent and EM Solutions.


Elexon Electronics won the Made in Queensland grant three years ago and, more recently, the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) grant, focused around bettering Australia’s industrial capability.

The initial procurement round of high-precision automated surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment allows intelligent material handling, solder paste jetting, vacuum vapour phase soldering and X-Ray inspection.

More recent procurement of intelligent production, inspection and testing machinery has further enhanced the quality standards achievable at Elexon’s Industry 4.0 facility, now offering 3D automated optical inspection, dual-side flying probe testing, selective soldering, PCB cleaning, and high-precision conformal coating.

Automation and interconnectedness have been the primary goals for Elexon, in developing its world-class Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility, offering unparalleled precision and manufacturing standards.


Elexon Electronics decided to expand into new industries such as defence, IoT and sensor technologies. These sectors are rapidly developing, creating engineering and manufacturing opportunities. They are also highly regulated and not easily accessible. Being compliant with AS 9100 (aerospace quality management system) and an environmental management system ISO 14001 is a must.

The main focus of the AS 9100D is the customer. With our current ISO 9001 certification, we focus on quality processes and product quality development by expanding to AS 9100D is, we must now report our quality metrics from a customer point of view. For example, reporting on on-time deliveries, product conformity and customer satisfaction, and taking appropriate actions when planned results are not achieved. This is how we meet customer and regulatory requirements, provide vital traceability and promote and evidence a culture of continual improvement.

Being also an ethical company, Elexon Electronics truly cares about the environment. By formalizing something we are already committed to, we prove our dedication to our existing and future customers.

ISO 14001 is not just about the paperwork. We have to control how we dispose of waste; when designing a new product, we need to consider the whole product lifecycle so we don’t burden the environment in the future with unnecessary components. Smart and future-proof product development is crucial.