WAYO is a mobile digital signboard that helps you to reach further using vibrant and engaging content displayed on a 39-inch high definition colour screen.

It is easy to wheel into place and is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery so there are no cables or cords to restrict where you place the board. Create your messages using text, images and video, even live feeds, and update your content in real time, either on-site or remotely, using our cloud-based content management system.

WAYO is used by some of Australia’s most iconic brands to help them reach further with their vital communications. WAYO informs, updates, inspires and excites customers in airports, exhibitions, outside restaurants and inside department stores.

Wayo at Virgin Airlines

The WAYO was created to help our clients communicate with their audience…

  • more effectively.
  • more efficiently.
  • more immediately.

You can put your WAYO almost anywhere, at any time, to reach everyone you need to communicate with using full-colour text, image and video content.

Reach further…with WAYO.