Elexon Electronics is a Brisbane-based innovation company that specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of a diverse range of electronic products for niche export markets. These include high-tech electronic products for our own niche markets as well as for external OEMs.

At Elexon we are a team of passionate innovators. We innovate for – and on behalf of – our customers and the industry as a whole. We know that improvement is a constant process and we pursue it daily in everything we do to optimise efficiency. Because we’re an agile team, we’re faster at transforming innovation into reality.

Company Elexon Electronics was established in 2006. However, its beginnings reach much further back. Leigh Bateman, one of the current owners and directors, founded Elexon’s predecessor, an engineering company called IEDEC in 1992. Leigh is a brilliant engineer and a local entrepreneur who started his venture in his parent’s avocado shed and successfully grew the business until 2006 when he was joined by Pieter Kuiper. Pieter is a successful and accomplished engineer and a project manager who worked in such specialized industries as is space engineering and robotics. He brought to Elexon his expertise and operational experience from companies like Dutch Space and Boeing Australia. Together, with Leigh’s wealth of knowledge and an experienced team of electronics specialists, they created Elexon.

Currently, there are five innovative electronics companies under the umbrella of the Elexon Group of Companies: Elexon Electronics, Elexon Mining, TPS, Titley Scientific and Ambler Systems.

Our Mission

Elexon innovations will inspire people all over the globe.

Our Vision

We deliver solutions that seemed impossible.

X-Ray Inspection SEC 5100F

Our Values

  • We love what we do.

  • We encourage ourselves to think differently, to take risks and to enjoy tackling the toughest problems in our industry.

  • We play well with others.

  • Our team truly cares for its members. We do the right thing for each other, our customers and the community; always and in all ways.

  • We try hard to understand what our customers really need, because the better we understand, the more likely we are to get it right.

Do you have a vision?

We can help you get there.