Defence-Ready solutions

Elexon Electronics is a renowned Australian engineering developer, specialising in the design, development, and manufacturing of a wide array of high-end electronic solutions.

As an industry leader, Elexon Electronics takes pride in producing rugged electronic products for defence applications performing in harsh environments.

Elexon’s sensor solutions encompass prototyping, product design, design-for-manufacture and Industry 4.0 electronics manufacturing services, all produced right in Australia. The comprehensive offering makes Elexon a trusted and versatile supplier for Defence and Aerospace projects and a valued contributor to the Australian Sovereign Industrial Capability.

 Read more about Elexon Electronics’ capabilities in our Quad Chart.

 AS 9100D certified supplier

Elexon Electronics’ engineers and designers participate in the most challenging and complex global projects by offering their unique expertise and Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility.

Elexon Electronics is AS9100D accredited for design, manufacture and service of printed circuit board assemblies, including embedded firmware and mechanical enclosures for aerospace applications. Elexon Electronics has taken the extra step of achieving certification with Design and Development included in the scope of accreditation.

Robust Communication

We have successfully developed a wide range of unique products serving niche areas of the medical science, mining and automotive industries. One of our pivotal projects has been a complete development of a robust communication and location system for the underground. Our technology now provides secure and dependable communication in mines all over the world. Our experience with the mining, automotive and medical industries has prepared us to meet the specific demands of our defence partners.

Risk assessment and compliance with industrial regulations and legislations are the fundamental elements of our management system, and Elexon Electronics has successfully demonstrated that it is a trusted and reliable partner in this challenging area.

Experienced engineering team

Our teams have the insight and experience to analyse technological challenges, conceptualise solutions and rigorously evaluate outcomes through simulation and prototype testing in advanced testing facilities. Crucially, we work with our partners to deliver industry-ready solutions that meet the most demanding technical requirements.

We offer stability through many long-term partnerships with large international corporations. Our secure position in the market provides us with independence and empowers us to invest in our development.

We also guarantee our commitment to providing Australian Industry Capability (AIC) by using local suppliers.

Advanced Manufacturing

Elexon Electronics has been developing sustainable organisational and manufacturing capabilities to meet Australian and international defence Prime contractor standards. Recently we have responded with the procurement of the state-of-the-art assembly line consisting of a solder paste jet printer, smart SMD pick & place machines, vapor phase vacuum reflow soldering, intelligent inventory management with full traceability and X-Ray inspection. The investment of almost $2 million has put Elexon Electronics on the map of advanced manufacturing and given us a competitive advantage.


Elexon Electronics is an active member of AIDN, DTC and ICN. Membership with professional defence associations and experience with defence industry expectations have enabled us to fully appreciate the requirements of our customers and meet them successfully.

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