Introducing Iain Martin-Blakey, our new Work Health and Safety Advisor

Elexon Electronics have brought in Iain Martin-Blakey as our new Work Health and Safety Advisor. This newly created role is one of various initiatives Elexon are taking in 2024 to continue to grow and foster a positive and efficient workplace culture. Iain has an extensive history of working within organisational WHS and HR management, and as his career has progressed has transitioned into more advisory roles, imparting his experiences through developing programs to address specialist organisational skills in safety and HR. Iain’s expertise in legal reporting, policy revision and implementing WHS processes and procedures greatly improve overall organisation standards in these areas.


Manufacturing Specific WHS Practices

The recent move to a new facility has given us an opportunity to build upon previous WHS procedures and enhance the standard across the board. “Safety and manufacturing are inseparable topics” Iain said. For a premises that features both offices and manufacturing facilities, safety needs to be embedded in every aspect of our work. He will ensure we remain up to date with current legislation and compliance codes that cover all areas of the company from the facility itself, to noise safety, confined spaces, managing exposure to dangerous substances, waste removal and others.

In manufacturing, apart from creating WHS policies, it’s crucial to empower machine operators to prioritize their own . This involves fostering a culture where employees confidently refuse unsafe tasks, halt operations in risky situations, and freely seek help or ask questions. Transparent communication between management and team members is essential for ensuring a safe workplace.

The Link Between Safety and Well-being

This feeds into one of Iain’s main objectives for 2024, improving the well-being of staff members, as he believes well-being and safety are closely linked. The more your team feels as though they are a part of a safe environment that welcomes employee consultation and input, the more cohesive, engaged and proactive they are, resulting in better performance, contribution, and longevity of employment. Through the monthly Safety Committee Meetings, there will be a dedicated conversation to addressing mental health initiatives like Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in March and R U OK day in October. Being innovative and going beyond traditional safety measures is key to creating a positive and supportive workplace environment. Along with the Safety Committee Meetings, Iain will be pushing for further internal training, so that Elexon staff feel confident in their roles and capable of handling unforeseen circumstances for effectively.

Psychosocial Health and Safety in the Workplace

With the Federal Government now requiring organisations to deliver higher standards of protection for their people than ever before, we are excited to have Iain join our team.  As Iain perfectly stated, “it is important to realise that safety is a journey and not a destination” and we know that bringing Iain on to oversee our WHS is the first step in that direction.

With any suggestions related to Elexon Electronics’ WHS, please contact Iain at