Innovation Unleashed: Oliver Hunt’s Vision for Elexon Electronics’ R&D Leadership 

Meet Oliver Hunt, the Engineering Lead at Elexon Electronics. Oliver personifies the spirit of Elexon Electronics as an inventive design house, bringing a unique perspective to our Engineering department. Oliver is originally Australian but spend his life in the UK where his family comes from. Almost two years ago, he chose the Australian lifestyle to raise his family and relocated from the UK to Brisbane. 

Initially attracted to Elexon for our success in the mining and geotechnical industry, Oliver found his niche at Elexon Electronics impressed by the global impact of the entire design process from prototyping to manufacturing. 

Engineering and New Product Introduction 

In his daily role at Elexon Electronics, Oliver focuses on transforming product ideas into production-ready forms. He manages the integration of all necessary files into our ERP system, providing crucial assembly instructions for accurate production setup. Additionally, he conducts engineering checks on external clients, ensuring the absence of significant errors. 

UK Defence experience 

Oliver’s extensive global perspective on manufacturing and design stems from his 14 years in the UK, deeply connected to the Defence industry. Working on projects with major Defence Primes like L3 Harris and BAE systems, he handled tasks ranging from radio maintenance to electrical testing on Defence vehicles. Eager to explore opportunities within the Defence space at Elexon, Oliver aims to leverage the company’s IP for more effective wireless solutions for the Australian Defence Force. 

Passion for R&D 

One of Oliver’s major passions lies in the research and development of new products. He thrives on designing innovative concepts, a skill gained during his time at the UK Defence, where he used to develop working prototypes within short turnarounds for review by the technical team. This ethos aligns perfectly with Elexon Electronics’ founding principles, and having someone of Oliver’s calibre steering the company mindset is invaluable. 

Believing in knowledge transfer and team expansion, Oliver shares Elexon’s core values. The company has heavily invested in engineering and R&D in recent years, and now, with Oliver on the team, we anticipate exciting developments and fresh ideas that will shape our future design projects.