Alan Maher, New Production Manager

Meet Alan Maher, Elexon Electronics’ new Production Manager. Alan has been a part of the Elexon team for over 6 years, and through hard work and dedication, he has been appointed to this new role. Alan will oversee manufacturing operations and support the team in busy times of expansion to new markets such as defence, IoT and sensor technologies. He has successfully embraced the current transition to Agile and Lean manufacturing practices and is a strong promoter of this change. 

Alan’s drive for success combined with his experience ensures he is the right person for the job. Over the years, Alan has been able to gain an in-depth understanding of Elexon Electronics’ company culture and values, as well as our processes and practices. This ensures clients’ needs are in safe hands. 

Elexon Electronics would also like to thank Gayleen Priest, the former Production Manager, for her contribution to successfully managing Elexon’s production team throughout the recent growth phase and her assistance in facilitating an easy transition for Alan into his new role.  

Elexon Electronics believes upskilling internally to the organisation is essential to fostering overall company growth and development, while also investing in employees’ skills and knowledge to enhance individual capabilities. 

Congratulations Alan on this well-deserved promotion. We have every confidence that your leadership, expertise, and knowledge will lead to continued success for Elexon Electronics. 

For more information about Alan and his achievements, view his post on Elexon Electronics’ LinkedIn.

Alan Maher | Elexon Electronics LinkedIn