Elexon Electronics, winners at the 2023 Moreton Bay Innovation & Business Awards!

A huge success for Elexon Electronics after attending the 2023 Moreton Bay Innovation & Business Awards, the company walked away from the event with the Excellence in Innovation Award. 

The Moreton Bay Innovation & Business Awards brought together businesses from across the Moreton Bay Region to recognize and celebrate their remarkable contributions and achievements. Elexon Electronics, with its 17-year history of product development showcased achievements in the area of electronics design and R&D of its dedicated team over the years.

“Innovation is at the core of our vision, as stated in our company’s vision statement: ‘Elexon innovations will inspire people all over the globe’,” remarked Frank Faller, CEO of Elexon Electronics, highlighting the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

The significance of this award serves as a powerful affirmation that the growth trajectory toward market expansion to defence and is leading Elexon in the right direction. With plans to expand into new markets and strengthen Australian sovereign capability, Elexon Electronics has been rapidly growing its capabilities.

Frank Faller expressed, “We are committed to fostering growth in the Moreton Bay region and have reached a point where our current premises no longer suffice. As we look to expand and move into a new custom-built building, our aim is to accelerate our growth, create more employment opportunities for local residents, and contribute to the flourishing technological development in the region.”

Elexon Electronics recognizes the soon-to-be-developed Mill Technological Park in Petrie as a potential location for its expansion, acknowledging the park’s reputation for technological achievements. This award further solidifies the company’s position as an active participant in the hub and reinforces its commitment to progress.