Elexon Electronics Embracing the Agile Mindset

Elexon Electronics’ journey to Agile transformation of Lean manufacturing principles brings forth a number of new possibilities for the company and its clients. Fostering adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement throughout business sectors, as well as streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency like never before. 

The inspiration behind this transformation was our company’s dedication to maintaining in-house design, manufacturing, engineering, prototyping, and testing, rather than offshoring capabilities. Such initiatives led to Elexon gaining greater Government support and recognition, which in turn assisted Elexon Electronics’ process to the Agile mindset. By receiving the SADI Grant, Elexon Electronics were able to upskill staff and develop defence sector skills in preparation for larger upcoming defence projects. 


Alex Teoh has joined Elexon as a coach and a vital contributor to the transformation. With a background as an industrial engineer, Teoh brings extensive expertise as a consultant specialising in Agile transformation. Coaching our teams to better respond to changing customer demands and market trends. Teoh’s knowledge and contributions are invaluable, and our teams at Elexon are grateful to have him on board. 

Currently, our team is in the third phase of the project, labelled as “implementation support” phase. Where Elexon are actively providing on-site support to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.  

With Teoh’s expert guidance, Elexon are seeing the company perform much more efficiently, meetings have become more productive, and processes more structured. Our team are excited to take on future projects utilising the Agile mindset, with the objective of becoming a leading trusted, reliable partner in the Defence industry.