Response to our last customer satisfaction survey

Dear partners and customers,

Thank you again for taking the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey mid-last year. Your input is essential to our ongoing efforts to improve our manufacturing and engineering services. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we take it seriously.

We are using the results of this survey as a catalyst for positive change, and we are actively working on addressing the areas where improvement is needed. We have already implemented ongoing training programs for our staff, as well as improvements to our resources library and website, in order to enhance our lead times, communication, and quality.

Lead Times

We are already implementing ongoing training programs for our staff to improve their skills in lean solutions, project management, and process efficiency. These initiatives will improve the length of our lead times but also ensure accuracy of quoted lead times.


We recognize the importance of clear and prompt communication, which is why we are working on improving our resources library for our staff and customers. Our website is undergoing usability, content, and design improvements to ensure that the information you need is easily accessible.

Quality Control

In order to maintain the highest standards of quality in our products, we are prioritizing Quality Control both during and after production. To achieve this, we have taken several steps, including the implementation of 3D AOI to inspect many of our products, commissioning Flying Probe for precision testing, and investing in upskilling our staff. We recently trained a second IPC trainer, re-certified IPC specialists, and in the coming months, we plan to have six staff members undergo J-STD-001 training and certification, including two internal trainers).


We are dedicated to maintaining this strong partnership we have have developed with you and are committed to providing the best possible service. We understand that at times our response to feedback may take longer than desired, but we assure you that we are putting in a concerted effort to enhance our processes.

If there is anything else we can do to improve your experience, please let us know at

Your feedback is an important part of this process, and we will continue to use it to drive change and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide.