We keep manufacturing at home by investing in our equipment

Frank Faller, CEO of Elexon Electronics, spoke with a Swedish magazine MYNews about Elexon’s recently acquired cutting-edge manufacturing equipment.

New equipment

In order to meet rising customer demand for higher precision, versatility and shorter turnaround time, Elexon Electronics purchased a new assembly line consisting of a MY700 jet printer with two MY300 pick-and-place machines, SMD Tower storage solutions, a vapor phase vacuum reflow oven, an X-ray inspection system and a set of highly automated conveyors as part of an integrated Mycronic 4.0 solution. The purchase was made thanks to funding from the Queensland Government through their grant program Made in Queensland (MiQ).

Ambitious growth plan

This large investment is part of the company’s ambitious growth plan. The new production line is four times more efficient than its predecessor, allowing the operators to work on two jobs at the same time, and providing the highest level of quality control. This complete package enables Elexon Electronics to reach defence and military projects that require the highest standards forthe final products.

A game-changer

According to Frank, the major key to this development comes down to the MY700 jet printer. “The optimized size, shape, and repeatability of the solder deposits is crucial,” he explains. “Getting the solder paste right is the difference between an okay quality and excellent quality. The jet printer has been a game-changer. It’s a quantum leap for us.”

No offshoring! Let’s keep manufacturing jobs for Australians! This is the trend Elexon Electronics is helping to set up with the hope that other Australian manufacturers will follow.

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