Elexon Group of Companies Emerges Stronger with Elexon 2.0 Launch Post-Fire

Stepping into the new era of Elexon 2.0, the group, led by its manufacturing branch, Elexon Electronics, is not just setting goals but setting the bar high. With an ambitious vision of achieving zero delays, zero defects, and zero returns, Elexon is propelling itself into the future with an Industry 4.0 facility and a bright outlook that aligns with the goals of product quality enhancement through the Elexon2Zero program.

“Embarking on the Elexon 2.0 journey, the company is shifting its focus from recovery towards quality and continuous improvement, setting the stage for the future in alignment with the innovative Elexon2Zero program,” said Frank Faller, the CEO of Elexon Electronics.

The Elexon Group of Companies has been, for the last 18 years, a leader in the electronics development and manufacturing of a diverse range of products for niche industries and business sectors. Co-located in Brendale, this group has been successfully operating in the mining and geotechnical sector, water quality instrumentation, eco-monitoring and electronics manufacturing and product development sectors specializing in sensor technologies, RFID and wireless communication and monitoring for harsh environments.

After a devastating fire in August last year reduced their site of almost twenty years to rubble, Elexon Electronics took the opportunity to revolutionize the way they design, manufacture, and support customers now and into the future.

Rising from the ashes, Elexon Electronics moved into a new facility twice as large, just 1.5km from the old site in Brendale, on Brisbane’s northside. The team, alongside industry partners, worked day and night to create a new Industry 4.0 facility that was up and running just four months after the fire.

Friday’s event served a dual purpose: to express gratitude to Elexon’s valued customers, partners, and industry stakeholders for their support during the recovery journey, and to showcase their state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technology. The event provided the opportunity to showcase the progress Elexon has made and the exciting developments at the company.

“Today, I realize even more deeply the importance of having the right team, a strong organizational culture, and robust processes in place. The challenges we’ve faced have reinforced the value of these foundational elements, enabling us to not just recover but to thrive and innovate. Our journey has highlighted that it’s not just about what we create, but how we work together and adapt that truly defines our success,” added Frank Faller

Honorary Glenn Butcher, Minister for Regional Development, Manufacturing and Minister for Water attended to support Elexon and highlight the importance of advanced manufacturing in Queensland. He said: “Today’s event is a testament to the incredible resilience and determination of the Elexon team.

“Elexon are one of the biggest advocates for Queensland’s manufacturing sector.

“Our Government is proud to have supported Elexon with the $890,000 Made in Queensland grant to increase production capacity, reduce manufacturing cost and create new job opportunities.

“I’ve always said ‘if we can make it here in Queensland, we should’ – and only the Miles Government supports local businesses so they can grow.”

The Head of Moreton Bay Campuses for the University of the Sunshine Coast, Professor Karen Becker, discussed the significance of collaboration between universities and industry to ensure the ambitious growth of employment in Moreton Bay. “We are committed to collaborating with organisations like Elexon; they contribute to our students’ learning so they become the talent Moreton Bay needs for the future, and they work with our researchers to shape solutions to real industry problems. We have had a strong partnership with Elexon since expanding into Moreton Bay and we were heartened to see them rise from the ashes so successfully; it is businesses like these we need to partner with for a bright future for City of Moreton Bay.

Regional Development Australia CEO Jacqueline Steel delivered a speech highlighting the growth of the Moreton Bay area and the importance of advanced manufacturing. She noted how strategic investments and innovation are boosting the region’s manufacturing sector and supporting economic development.

One of the highlights of the day was The Honourable Nikki Boyd MP, Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery, presenting an Appreciation Award to the firefighters who heroically responded to the August fire.

Nikki Boyd: “The bravery and swift action of our local firefighters from Eaton’s Hills Service Station during the Elexon fire incident highlights the dedication and bravery of our firefighting community. As Minister, I see this every day and as your local MP, I’m so proud to see our local firefighters demonstrating their commitment to protecting our community ”, said Nikki Boyd.