Elexon has been developing world-class products for the mining industry since 2006. Our engineers have designed and delivered innovative geotechnical monitoring systems for open pit, tailings dam and underground mines, providing real-time insight into ground movement, cave monitoring and ore flow. Our systems provide invaluable data that enable mining companies to make well-founded decisions, to improve safety, efficiency and resource conversion.


A world leader in ground movement monitoring

Elexon’s development team has worked collaboratively with some of the industry’s leading research organisations and mining companies with systems now deployed across the globe including in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile, Sweden and the United States.


In 2018, Elexon launched a company restructure to accommodate growth and further enhance and expand its mining products, manufacturing and engineering services. As a result, the Elexon Group of Companies established a sister company, Elexon Mining, which predominantly focuses on the development of Elexon’s mining products. Elexon Electronics became the manufacturer of choice for Elexon Mining to the mutual benefit of each. Elexon Electronics remains active in its product development.

During the product development process, we work in partnership with mining experts, listening to them and analysing their challenges, developing solutions and implementing them together. The company’s track record shows unparalleled success in offering the right solution to resolve client problems within the required budget and to deadline.


Tailored solutions

The Elexon Mining team is committed to providing tailored solutions and building lasting relationships around high precision movement and positioning activities. Being able to access this information provides real-time insights which enable operators to anticipate needs, manage their workforce, reduce risk and prevent disasters. One of the most significant advantages of Elexon Mining’s wireless configuration is to eliminate the need for manual monitoring and expensive cabling, affording considerable operational savings.


Our customers choose Elexon Mining because our highly professional team has the specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure projects start up smoothly, facilitating maximum uptime. We see every challenge as an opportunity to work together to deliver systems that exceed expectations.