A new IPC-A-610 trainer for Elexon Electronics

The introduction to women of typically male-dominated industries is becoming a hot topic.

There are many myths and stereotypes about women in manufacturing.

However, Elexon Electronics has always been successful in creating an inclusive work environment realizing that women are critical to manufacturing’s future.

Kylie Christensen certified for IPC training

Kylie Christensen is a great example of how women can take their professional development and career advancement to the next level.

Kylie has just successfully finished the IPC-A-610 Trainer Course.

She about to start another chapter of her journey within Elexon Electronics manufacturing as the new internal IPC trainer.

Thanks to her achievement, the company is empowered to reach new markets, for instance, the defence industry.

Women at Elexon

Women at Elexon Electronics have always formed the stable core of the company.

Currently, more than one-third of the most crucial roles in management, manufacturing and engineering are occupied by women.

The company takes pride in supporting employees who are looking for a new career path by offering training and employment opportunities.

Congratulations Kylie and thank you for taking on this important role!

A new in-house IPC trainer