Avid bat enthusiast, Jordi from Canada, has taken out the Titley Scientific survey competition!

The Canadian bat biologist was selected at random after participating in the short survey, scoring a new Chorus with additional microphone.

“As a bat enthusiast and bat biologist I am excited to take the Chorus on my travels around the world, to learn what bat species I find myself surrounded with,” an excited Jordi tells us.

“In my professional work as a bat biologist in Canada I will be using the Chorus to detect bats during mobile surveys. Its built-in GPS and ability to plug in headphones to listen to recordings live will make mobile surveys more efficient and more exciting,” he says.

The competition kicked off December 10 and closed at 11.59 AEST on January 10, with a huge community response and scores of valuable submissions!

Titley Scientific ran the competition to gain insight into how customers are using their products, and how they can be improved.

A big congratulations to Jordi, and we wish him all the best on his Canadian bat-filled adventures!