Elexon Electronics has scored an exciting new client, Gasbot, as we assist the company with developing their gas monitoring system and IoT monitoring sensors.

Gasbot is an exciting IoT wireless LPG monitoring system provider, based here in Brisbane, focused on allowing customers to wirelessly monitor LPG assets from anywhere in the world.

Cost is a major focus for Gasbot, aiming to offer the lowest cost customer-driven and innovative telemetry solutions – which is where Elexon comes in!

Gasbot approached us wanting to relocate their manufacturing from China to Australia, after seeking for a local and agile manufacturing partner.

Not only were the advanced manufacturing capabilities difficult to find locally, the cost of Australian manufacturing is typically far greater than that of China.

Elexon was able to work with Gasbot to optimise design and manufacturing processes, in order to offer a competitive price while still offering the highest advanced manufacturing standards.

We are currently helping them streamline the manufacturing process to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

In order to work with Gasbot, given the nature of the LPG monitoring environment, Elexon Electronics had to gain IECEx certification.

The IECEx quality systems requirements outline compliance required across a range of standards, with Elexon required to comply with two different ‘explosives atmospheres’ standards.

The IECEx Certificate of Conformity allows Elexon to work with Gasbot on their innovative LPG monitoring systems, following testing of a sample representative of production.

Gasbot aims to offer a price-point unheard of in the remote monitoring LPG game, while giving customers cutting-edge IoT interconnected technology.

It’s a big ask but together with Elexon, Gasbot’s mission will be completed!