Titley Scientific’s Detectors

Elexon works with Titley Scientific to produce acoustic technologies. Elexon manufactures an all-inclusive range of acoustic monitoring equipment used by research scientists and consultants across the world. Together, Elexon and Titley Scientific strive to advance our product range to meet the growing needs of the ecological community.

Ultrasonic Bat Detection

Titley Scientific develops ultrasonic bat detection technology and are leaders within global bat research communities. The custom-designed detectors and software go beyond the capabilities of the competition and provide performance second-to-none.

Recognised as ‘best-practice’ equipment in many regions, the range of detectors and analysis software are designed in response to understanding the needs of bat biologists, driven by close ties to these user groups.

Titley Scientific is entering a new era of acoustic technology, by developing detectors for audible range surveys. These detectors are capable of recording birds, frogs and vocalising mammals, as well as ultrasonic bat echolocation.

Anabat is a technology leader in the global biology and ecology communities.